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The Z3000 Bay Trail Chips From Intel

Intel Bay Trail chips

Intel has made news today with the announcement of the Bay Trail chips which boast 2X CPU and 3X GPU performance for tablets and hybrids.The Intel Bay Trail chip has been named successor to the Clover Trail chip and it's being said that the new chips based on 22nm silvermont architecture can deliver up to 3x CPU and up to 2x GPU performance.

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Seeing Sartorially

A short film about the eye behind The Sartorialist shows how the web, like the printing press and photography before it, unleashes disruptive beauty. Video after the jump.

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Sneakers Made Out of Computer Parts

If your shoes offer better performance than your home computer, you know you’re in the presence of something special. These Blaze Pentium 1.0 Sneakers probably have a better processing speed than my PC. Designed by Gabriel Dishaw, these 15 pound shoes took three weeks to perfect. The Intel Pentium-inspired sneakers are currently for sale and are shipped with an equally ...

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A Rugged Dell Laptop John Connor Would Use

If Terminators and Skynet take over Earth, at least you’ll have a laptop that will stand up to them. The Dell E6400 XFR is the latest “toughbook” to hit the market and boy is it ugly. That’s OK, though, because you’re buying this for usability, not design and portability. Inside this ugly beast, you’ll find a decent set of specs ...

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Quick Update: Apple Updates Mac Pro

Those shady motherfuckers at Apple decided to mention a Mac Pro update an hour after I caught the original update on the iMac and Mac Mini. The new Mac Pros cost $300 less than before, feature new Intel “Nehalem” Xeon CPUs (read: hella fuckin’ fast) and better graphics cards standard. Some bullshit about DDR3 RAM and that about sums it ...

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