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Let yourself be seduced everyday

I’m loving this Tyler Manson-directed Intel spot on The Sartorialist‘s Scott Schuman, who evokes the lifestyle of noticing, lucidly recounting the way the Web gave him a means to do something old in a new way. The means are disruptive; the same medium that brings us LOLcats and dubiously-effective political movements does on occasional bring forth stuff worth waiting for. But for his part, Schuman’s not trying to be disruptive�he’s a documentarian, and he wants to measure the impact of his images in centuries. Yet in an indication of the swift ways of these media, at this writing several of the subjects he photographed while the film was being shot are still at the top of his blog.

Now, what Intel gets out of calling attention to this disruptive liberation and visual rapture�well, that may be a question worth asking.

Take note, Jaron Lanier: Scott Schuman is not a gadget.

[via Henrietta Walmark and 2 or 3 things]

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