The Z3000 Bay Trail Chips From Intel

Intel has made news today with the announcement of the Bay Trail chips which boast 2X CPU and 3X GPU performance for tablets and hybrids.

Intel Bay Trail chips

The Intel Bay Trail chip has been named successor to the Clover Trail chip and it’s being said that the new chips based on 22nm silvermont architecture can deliver up to 3x CPU and up to 2x GPU performance. Even better than that, theĀ  increase in performance is not said to have any impact on the battery life of the system. The new Z3000 chips will be seen in 7- to 11-inch devices that run on Windows 8.1 or Android and that will cost as little as $199.

The new Intel chips are rumored to be being offered to Dell, Lenovo and Asus in the final quarter of this year, and it is also being said that devices featuring the chips may be available in time for the holiday season.

Finally, the new Bay Trail chips are also being made in two more options for the lower cost notebooks etc, these are being referred to as the Bay Trail-M and Bay Trail-D processors.

Stay tuned for more information!

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