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The Z3000 Bay Trail Chips From Intel

Intel Bay Trail chips

Intel has made news today with the announcement of the Bay Trail chips which boast 2X CPU and 3X GPU performance for tablets and hybrids.The Intel Bay Trail chip has been named successor to the Clover Trail chip and it's being said that the new chips based on 22nm silvermont architecture can deliver up to 3x CPU and up to 2x GPU performance.

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The Birth of a Chip: A Tour Through a State-of-the-Art Clean Room

Applied Materials’ Maydan Technology Center in Santa Clara, California is a 39,000 square foot facility of cleanliness. The contents of these rooms hold our future. The birth of the modern computer begins here, where super machines built by Applied Materials constructs the most modern and powerful pieces of hardware using raw slices of silicon. Wired takes a tour of a ...

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Hacked: Sony PSP 3000

Sony has gone on the record saying that the piracy is affecting PSP game sales. That’s a givein; if it’s free, take it. This time around, a peripheral manufacturer called Datel has cracked the PSP 3000 by forcing it into service mode. Datel did some silicon hacking on a chip level to find out how it could force the PSP ...

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R/C Pool Server Proves God Exists

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical of a man living in the clouds watching mankind like a lousy Nick at Night sitcom. However, news of a remote controlled floating tray that delivers refreshing beverages is proof that there is a god and that he isn’t a dick. Like the floating speaker, relaxing by the pool just got a ...

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Ketchup Flavored Microsoft Windows Chips Probably Not OKed By Mr. Gates

Microsoft’s software sales must be lagging pretty bad if they feel it’s needed to enter into the junk food business. We already were witness to the Microsoft Soda rage, but when exactly did they start releasing ketchup-flavored potato chips in Egypt? Ketchup Windows Chips can only be washed down with a large swig of Natural “Talking Rain” flavored Windows Soda. ...

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Robot arm controled by monkey…Monkey promptly announces presidential run

[ev type=”youtube” data=”TK1WBA9Xl3c”][/ev] This video is pretty incredible. These scientist have trained monkeys to control a robotic arm using only their brain, with the help of an implanted brain chip. The video discusses the relationship between monkey experimentation and the thought of one day using similar chips on paralyzed humans. Look at that poor monkey shoved into that plastic box ...

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Microwave home-made potato chips!

  We hardly ever make potato chips at home, the furthest we can go is probably french-fries. It’s such a hassle to make them (fries come in frozen packs, but hardly do we ever see chips), it’s fattening and you’ll have to do the oily dish washing.  Japanese company Akebono has developed this Microwave Potato Chips Kit that gives you ...

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