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CyberPower’s Core i7 Gaming PC: The Black Pearl

Intel’s Core i7 processors are wicked fast. Faster than that new Lamborghini we know nothing about. Of course, the earliest devices that will utilize the processor are gaming PCs. The Core i7 was officially launched yesterday and computer companies like CyberPower are already stocking the assembly lines with this quad-core powerhouse. CyberPower unveiled its latest and fastest gaming PC, the ...

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GPS Chastity Belt Or Kinky Hide And Seek?

Ooh, nice hips. Fancy keeping track of your girl because you’re an obsessive douche? Then Brazilian designer Lucia Lorio’s “Find Me If You Can” lingerie line isn’t quite for you. Consisting of a lace bodice, bikini bottom and faux pearl collar, it’d almost be ordinary lingerie attire if it wasn’t for the GPS device visibly tucked away in the bodice. ...

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Qik Streaming Video On Your Blackberry

Ever wanted to stream video live from your favorite ball game? Say, perhaps, a game where the Philadelphia Phillies are absolutely killing that other team. Perfect. We all know you’re a business power user with a Blackberry Bold or Curve. Hell, maybe your wife even has the Pearl. Either way, you should head over to Qik’s website and get the ...

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New BlackBerry 8800 is full-sized Pearl

The BlackBerry Pearl sure was pretty, wasn’t it? Now the newly revealed BlackBerry 8800 from RIM takes that special design centerpiece (the scrolling ball) and puts it into a full size BlackBerry. The 8800 has a full keyboard with one button per letter, which is the way it should be. Sorry, no camera. RIM is probably sick of the random ...

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