Zero To Sixty On All Electric Superbikes!

All Electric Superbikes

Are you a biker who cares about the environment? Well now, thanks to Mission Motorcycles you don’t have to settle for an electric car or a bicycle anymore. Mission Motorcycles recently announced the Mission R and Mission RS, both all electric superbikes capable of going zero to sixty in just three seconds. The bikes are already available on order at ...

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The VW XL1: Drive 261 Miles On One Gallon of Gas

And I thought my Honda Civic's nearly 40 mpg was impressive. Twelve years in the making, the incredible VW XL1 is capable of driving 261 miles on a single gallon of gas. That's the equivalent of driving from New York City to Hershey, PA for around $4.

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Want to Go Green? Play More Facebook Games

Since flash-based Facebook games don't seem to be going anywhere (unfortunately), one company has decided to start focusing on sustainable environmental causes. Now, you can save the planet while watching cute pixelated flash graphics.

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