New Fuel-Electric Hybrid Car Will Be Able to Fly

Everyone always seems to reference the Jetsons when talking about the future. Floating cities, meal-pills, off-planet colonization� all remain futuristic idealizations that haven�t become reality. However, at least one aspect of the �Jetsons� version of the future might be closer to reality — and in an environmentally conscious way, at that.

You ready for this? Aircraft designer Michael Moshier, and test-pilot Robert Bulagaa are working on developing a fuel-electric hybrid car� that can fly. Well, more like hover. The craft would use the same ducted-fan technology as was used by Trek Aerospace in developing the SoloTrek XFV, which was a VTOL aircraft revealed in 2001.

Unfortunately, developing this vehicle will (obviously) take a significant amount of money, so Moshier and Bulagaa are looking for investors.


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