Welsh Company Creates 90 Foot Bridge from Recycled Plastic

What do you do with 50 tons of waste plastic? Well, if you’re an ambitious Welsh company, you recycle it into a 90 foot bridge.

The bridge is thermoplastic, and is sturdy enough to support heavy utility vehicles. Here’s a bit more about this interesting project:

The bridge spans the River Tweed at Easter Dawyck in Peeblesshire and forms part of the historic John Buchan Way. It was built off-site and assembled in just 4 days by an outstanding team from Glendinning Groundworks Ltd, a local Peeblesshire contractor, and 10 Field Squardron (Air Support), Royal Engineers. Being made from plastic it won�t rust, requires no painting or regular maintenance; and get this – is 100% recyclable.” — World Architecture News

Pretty awesome, if you consider exactly how much space 50 tons of plastic would have taken up in a landfill.

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