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3D Samus Sculpture Made Using Recycled Video Games

Perhaps the hottest heavily-armored digital chica in gaming history, Metroid’s Samus Aran has become known as a kick-ass pioneering female who needs the help of no man. The moment that Samus was revealed as a woman at the end of Metroid changed my life. And I’m clearly not the only one who was inspired by Samus’s robotically-coiffed tactics. Using 179 ...

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Guy Creates a Telegraph Using Only Natural Materials Found in the Woods

Using only natural materials found on the ground of New Jersey’s woods, and with no modern tools, Jamie O�Shea created a functioning telegraph. O’Shea had set out to prove that modern day electronic communication methods could have been discovered by early man. His conclusion? They could have, but they didn’t. With the Immaculate Telegraphy project, O’Shea used natural materials to ...

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DIY Jetpack Made Using the Contents of Your Recycling Bin

Hey, we never said it was a “functioning” jetpack. Function is overrated anyway. The creative process? Now that’s where the real entertainment lays. Using a few crafting supplies and the contents of your recycling bin, you can craft your own wearable jetpack. A much cheaper alternative to buying a real pack just to complete your Rocketeer costume. Instructables user ModMischief ...

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Nespresso Capsules Used to Create Coffee Powered Batteries

Vienna designers Mischer�Traxler, also of Automatic Cake Decorator fame, used 700 used Nespresso coffee capsules, coffee grounds, strips of copper and salt water to create these coffee powered batteries. The batteries were used to power clocks at the 2010 Vienna Design Week. Six of the batteries connected together are enough to power a tiny clock. The whole collection of batteries ...

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Shed Built Using 7,000 Recycled Phone Books

Everything that you can find in a phone book can be found on the Internet. That and much, much more. Yet, every year, without fail, phone books are delivered to most people in the United States. Thousands upon thousands of phone books are thrown out every year as the new books arrive in the mail. Alex from Shedworking decided to ...

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Cat Lady Couture

While your 30 kitties might not mind that you roam around the house in a pair of bloomers and nothing else. And they don’t mind that you only shower once a week (as long you as you don’t lift up your arms.) The outside world isn’t so understanding. Your babies are your only true friends. Unfortunately, you have to leave ...

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