Cat Lady Couture

While your 30 kitties might not mind that you roam around the house in a pair of bloomers and nothing else. And they don’t mind that you only shower once a week (as long you as you don’t lift up your arms.) The outside world isn’t so understanding. Your babies are your only true friends. Unfortunately, you have to leave the house at least every few weeks to restock on Friskies, which doesn’t leave much to spend on an acceptable outfit.

But you can work with what you’ve got. Think of all of those wasted Friskies bags that fill your trash bin every week. You hear what I’m trying to say? Okay, let me lay it out for you. The Friskies Trench Coat by Katell Gelebart is made out of empty cat food bags. With the way your kitties eat, you’ll have enough bags saved up in less than a week. Best of all, you can just wear the trench coat right over your bloomers, no other clothing necessary. You’re a genius.

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