Cottage Meme Continued: House-Shaped Sticky Notes

Made from recycled wood pulp, these sticky-note pads are designed to evoke the origins of their source material in home construction waste. They’re also reminiscent of the house-shaped reading lamp we posted about yesterday. Is the design world’s embrace of the burgeoning cottage meme a harbinger of the coming Singularity? As we prepare to upload our minds to the network, do we feel pangs of domesticity, incipient nostalgia for our domiciles in meatspace? Perhaps�but according to Naruse-Inokama Architects, the Japanese firm that designed them, the peaked shape serves another purpose: the notes don’t dog-ear the way conventional leaves with squared corners do. And as the slide gallery at the firm’s web site seems to show, it’s hard to avoid the tempatation to arrange the pads into little villages. [via Core77]

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  1. Perhaps, though that’s reaching 😉

    Of course your readers deserve to be informed of the actual content of the site. You have to click through to page 16 though.. Here is a translation.

    Matt R.

    (ie means house in Japanese)
    This is a sticky note I made using the “paper made from demolished wooden houses” that was exhibitied at the “World Materials Conference” held this Spring at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation ( ).

    The idea is to take the garbage from when wooden construction homes are demolished and to recycle it and make a new product out of it, instead of just throwing it away or transforming it into energy by burning it. We propose an alternate solution to the total cycle.

    These sticky notes are made in the form of houses so as to preserve the memory of when the paper was itself a house. When you line up many of them, they look just like a town. So what once was itself a street of houses, has now been recreated into a tiny street of houses on the desk top.

    *We are currently officially registering the design and product trademark.

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