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A Little Help Dividing Recyclables The Right Way

Technically, our recyclables are supposed to be divided into metal, paper, plastic, and others. Usually they just wind up in a vaguely spaced pile which seems to be separated by a coincidence. The Barcode Trashcan allows you to simply scan your soon-to-be recycled items, at which point a built-in computer figures out what material that barcode corresponds to, and ejaculates ...

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Ecopod Recycling System compacts your reusables for more recycling space

People who have a limited amount of space in their apartments or houses have a tough time finding the space to house a productive recycling system. All of those beer cans and cardboard boxes your porn comes shipped in add up fast. Creating even less room in an already cramped living space. The Ecopod Recycling System aims to offer a ...

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