The VW XL1: Drive 261 Miles On One Gallon of Gas


And I thought my Honda Civic’s nearly 40 mpg was impressive. Twelve years in the making, the incredible VW XL1 is capable of driving 261 miles on a single gallon of gas. That’s the equivalent of driving from New York City to Hershey, PA for around $4.

But how did the wizards over at Volkswagen manage this, you ask? Hundreds of thousands of man-hours, every single one of those used to create technologies devoted to efficiency.

The body of the XL1 only weighs 1752 pounds and is built for aerodynamics. The dolphin-inspired body only produces a 0.189 drag coefficient, which makes it easily the most aerodynamic production car available. The drivetrain technology of the vehicle was also modified for optimal fuel saving.


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