Could This Electric Plane Be The First To Top 250 MPH?

Chip Yates built the Long-EZ based on the design of the Rutan Long-EZ, but the Long-EZ has one difference, it’s electric.


The Long-EZ is almost 17 feet long and 8 feet high and its wingspan is just over 26 feet. Unlike the traditional plane on which the Long-EZ is based it is quite possibly going to be able to surpass the power provided by the 115 HP Lycoming O-235 air-cooled flat-four engine. Yates’ electric powered Long-EZ utilizes a 450V, 600 amp (285 HP) EnerDel battery to power it and with this, the plane is expected to reach some 250 MPH! Could the electric plain be the newest in personal green travel? Perhaps, but we’re waiting to see the outcome of Yate’s experiments as he increases throttle power in an effort to hit 250 MPH.

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