A Look At The BMW i3 Electric Car

BMW has unveiled its i3 electric car and despite the fuss that BMW has been making about the car, the overall response seems to be tepid.

BMW I3 Electric

The i3 is hyped as traveling 80 to 100 miles between charges – figures comparable to most other electric cars on the market today. Perhaps what is turning viewers off the most about this luxury green vehicle is that as a five-door hatchback  it hardly screams style like most BMW’s off the line. If you’re looking for a BMW why go for something short and stocky when you can buy something that LOOKS like luxury? Sure, if you’re going to go green do it with a Prius or another comparable vehicle. If you ask us, some auto manufacturers simply should not step in to the hybrid / electric market- yes, we also believe that Porsche and Lamborghini SUV’s are absolutely ridiculous. Want an SUV? Go to a company that specializes in reliable and luxurious SUV’s…disagree with us? Ask anyone who has owned a Porsche Cayenne how many issues they have had with their luxury SUV then get back to us.

So what are our thoughts on the BMW i3? We’re just not impressed.

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