The 4 Most Embarrassing Cars in History

There have been many incredible cars throughout history, you just have to take a look at Jay Leno’s collection to see more than a handful of them. Today, though, we want to take a look at four of the most embarrassing cars to have rolled off the assembly line.

With a little help from a classic car enthusiast, we have put together a list of four of the most embarrassing cars in history.

Ford Edsel

#1. Ford  Edsel

The Ford Edsel was produced from 1958 until 1960, but is most well known for being a complete failure. Whether it was due to being the wrong car at the wrong time or reliability issues, the Edsel was certainly not a proud moment for Ford.

Trabant 600

#2. Trabant

The VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau Trabant first rolled out of factories in 1957. A combination of poor fuel economy, poor overall performance, an inefficient engine and being outdated made this car a staple on many “failed car” lists.

Isetta by BMW

#3. Isetta by BMW

The Isetta by BMW may have been the top selling single cylinder car in the world but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing. There are very few things less embarrassing than arriving in an egg shaped car with a bubble window.


#4. Messerschmidt

The Messerschmidt was designed by an aircraft engineer and there’s no doubt in that judging from the cockpit appearance of the car. Although it is still valued for its “quirkiness,” the Messerschmidt  wasn’t exactly practical and certainly was embarrassing to climb in and out of.

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