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Why BMW is Cut from a Different Cloth

There is a certain level of prestige that comes with owning a BMW. Everyone recognizes the name and the logo no matter where you go in the world. And there’s a reason for that. BMW has been making quality cars and parts for nearly 90 years. Driving a BMW down the road lets others know that you understand the class, ...

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BMW Goes For Gorilla Glass In The i8!

BMW I8 Concept

Not long ago we featured an article on the all electric BMW i3 and today the upcoming plug-in hybrid i8 is making news as well with the announcement that BMW will be utilizing gorilla glass. According to reports, the all new BMW i8 is going to be the first car to utilize gorilla glass in place of the more traditional glass. The i8 windows will use gorilla glass to keep excess weight off the car. Currently, gorilla glass is more well known for its implementation in smart phones and smart phone cases but BMW is taking its use in to a whole new realm.

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BMW Baby Racer

Your child is the product of two wonderful parents, so why not buy him or her the best toys available? For a paltry $104, you too can have your kid driving around in a toy BMW that has real rubber tires. No fake, plastic Power Wheels bullshit here, folks. This is the real deal, straight outta Munich. Just make sure ...

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BMW ZX-6 Concept “Car”

I can only imagine how great crack cocaine must be. Seriously, it’s gotta be one hell of a drug. I know this much because the design team at BMW has obviously been smoking a shitload of it. Well, actually, it wasn’t BMW that designed the ZX-6 Concept, it was created by students at Turin-based IED design studio. Certainly not the ...

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BMW Gina Is Not Flame-Retardant

BMW’s new concept car GINA Light Visionary Model is remarkably innovative. It’s a shape-shifting car covered with seamless fabric stretched over a movable metal frame that allowing the driver to change the car’s form at will. The fabric is water resistant and durable. However, setting fire to it is a different story. There are no plans for the fabric-enveloped car ...

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BMW Takes To The Walls With Spiderman-like Agility

Russia has been known to take their gadget advertising to the extreme, featuring everything from the gigantic to the dangerous. BMW has launched a new billboard in Moscow to showcase their M model which falls under both of these categories. These new 65,000 square foot billboards feature full-sized vehicles mounted on the ad, complete with working lights. This makes ...

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A Segway-like skateboard by Sony? Patent filed.

No real specifics, unless you want to wade through the murky waters that are patents. What is known is that  a patent (see link below) was filed by Sony and describes something that could be awesome, and it also has the possibility to fall flat on its face (or it could be you falling flat on your face if this ...

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