Why BMW is Cut from a Different Cloth

There is a certain level of prestige that comes with owning a BMW. Everyone recognizes the name and the logo no matter where you go in the world. And there’s a reason for that. BMW has been making quality cars and parts for nearly 90 years.

Driving a BMW down the road lets others know that you understand the class, style, value, and performance of a great car, and with good reason.


Class & Style

No matter what type of BMW you buy, it consistently gets top marks for class. In fact, in the last few years different models have been in the top 10 of their class over and over. That means the BMW brand is out-marking their competitors for features, safety, and value overall.

There is a reason that BMW tells the world that they are the “ultimate driving machine.” Not only are they classy and well-made vehicles, but the style stands in a class on its own. The company has been known for being on the cutting edge of aerodynamic style since 1940. They consistently set the trend for new styles and ingenuity each year.


Fun fact: BMW was the first to introduce the “face” to the front of vehicle by way of the kidney grill in 1933.


Did you know that BMW has been making electric cars for nearly 40 years? The first of their electric cars was shown at the Munich Olympics in 1972. It used 12 batteries and could only drive 19 miles, but it was a historic moment for the auto industry everywhere.

Not only does BMW continue to be on the cutting edge of auto technology, the name itself speaks of the quality of the vehicle. Since they have put so much effort into the quality of the product, the resale value is one of the top for all automobiles, matched only by Subaru. When you buy a BMW, you know you are getting a quality vehicle with a great resale value. No matter how long you have the car, it will still be worth its weight when you sell, unlike most other cars.


Fun fact: A BMW resells for an average of 37% of the original value.


Very few cars perform like a BMW. The parts put into the vehicles do so well that many race cars use them to enhance overall performance. You can find reasonably priced BMW performance parts online to either fix up your old car, or to increase overall performance above and beyond what it is currently at.

The beautiful thing about BMW parts is that they are basically like putting legos together. You can take an old car and put in newer parts to replace worn out ones, and it will not affect the overall performance of the vehicle. That has to have something to do with the awesome resale value of the vehicles.

Fun fact: Did you know that the BMW M5 is so quiet that the company had to install fake motor sounds to remind drivers of the exceptional performance?

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