BMW Gina Is Not Flame-Retardant

BMW’s new concept car �GINA Light Visionary Model� is remarkably innovative. It’s a shape-shifting car covered with seamless fabric stretched over a movable metal frame that allowing the driver to change the car’s form at will. The fabric is water resistant and durable. However, setting fire to it is a different story.

There are no plans for the fabric-enveloped car to hit production lines:

“It is in the nature of such visions that they do not necessarily claim to be suitable for series production,” company officials said in unveiling the car Tuesday. “Rather, they are intended to steer creativity and research into new directions.”

Perhaps this concept will inspire more alternative eco-friendly automobiles to hit production lines in the next few years. We’re all hoping that in the event of a crash, automobiles like Gina won’t leave you in a mangled heap of charred flesh and fragmented bones.

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