A Segway-like skateboard by Sony? Patent filed.

bmw carver

No real specifics, unless you want to wade through the murky waters that are patents. What is known is that  a patent (see link below) was filed by Sony and describes something that could be awesome, and it also has the possibility to fall flat on its face (or it could be you falling flat on your face if this doesn’t work right).

The present invention relates to a vehicle which can travel in the front and back direction and which can turn by right and left wheels rotated when a rider riding on a step-board moves the position of rider’s balance from the center of a vehicle base.

Not too technical of a description…. yet. The patent goes on to describe equations for operation, yada yada yada. Could Sony pull this off? It’s also possible that some other company might be working on something like this and that Sony would sell the rights to that someone else. As a last comment, doesn’t it sound sort of like that futuristic looking BMW skateboard (as pictured above)? Now take a look at the patent, please, be our guest. — Nik Gomez

Application No. 20060260862  [US Patent  & Trademark Office]

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