BMW ZX-6 Concept “Car”

I can only imagine how great crack cocaine must be. Seriously, it’s gotta be one hell of a drug. I know this much because the design team at BMW has obviously been smoking a shitload of it. Well, actually, it wasn’t BMW that designed the ZX-6 Concept, it was created by students at Turin-based IED design studio. Certainly not the geniuses that created Gina.

The students claim they drew inspiration from elements, music, and arts. I think they just smoked way too much crack cocaine. Look at this fucking thing. How am I going to drive it over a speed bump? Considering the fucking vehicle doesn’t even have wheels, I’m going to have to pass on the test drive. What a piece of shit. These students clearly ride the short bus to attend the prestigious Crack Cocaine University. Have any crack?


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  1. Ur an idiot, have u ever seen a concept car before? They always cover the wheels so they don’t have to sponsor them… Learn before u talk

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