4 Apps to Make You Greener

Many of us would like to make our lives a bit greener – but aren’t sure exactly what we should be doing. Others of us might be so busy that we simply forget to put our good intentions into action. If you fall into either of these categories, these apps could be for you. They’re designed to take the headache ...

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How To Reduce Waste, Increase Efficiency, And Boost Profits In Manufacture

How do you make the most of your resources in manufacturing? Efficiency is necessary for profitability.You do it by reducing waste and by using special equipment to advance your product. Reducing waste and improving efficiency are actually two different manufacturing agendas. But if worked on together, they create a powerful combination. This synergy makes manufacturing easier and more cost effective. The way ...

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5 Ways to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

Reducing your firm’s energy consumption is an easy way to boost profits. Far from being a one-dimensional and romantic notion, slashing energy usage can also cut your carbon emissions and put your organisation a step ahead of the competition. Indeed, according to the Carbon Trust, most businesses can cut their energy spend by around 10 per cent by introducing a ...

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Solar Technology and the Benefits of Self-Sufficiency


The great majority of the world’s electricity supplies around the globe are still generated from traditional energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas. With an ever increasing population and greater than ever reliance on fossil fuels to power our modern lives, the need for clean energy technologies has never been so great. This is why environmentalists are urging ...

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Solar Panels – You’re Doing It Wrong…

Solar Panels

According to an article on Gizmodo, almost everyone using solar panels is angling them the wrong way and as a result they aren’t benefiting from the panels full potential. The Gizmodo article states that while solar panel owners in the northern hemisphere tend to angle their panels to the south to get optimal light exposure daily, a new study indicates ...

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Google Gets More Wind Power In Texas!

Happy Hereford wind farm

Google announced their goal of meeting its electrical needs via renewable resources some time ago and a recent purchase in Texas boosted that goal. Google confirms that they recently purchased 240 renewable energy certificates in a deal with the Happy Hereford wind farm in Texas.

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