How to Reduce Energy by Using LED Lights


When it comes to energy use, the type of lighting that you implement can make a drastic impact on the final cost. Fluorescent, halogen, and other lighting technologies can leave you with a painful bill at the end of the month. If you could cut your lighting costs by nearly 70% without much effort, would you? That’s exactly what switching ...

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Tips to Stay Greener and Spread the Vibe

Go Green

Sharing is caring! And if your care for your mother earth, you got to share all the greener way and means that you employ in your life. That is how you can pay your regards and respect to the mother earth. It is equally important for the generation of today to stay green and adopt ways and means to protect, ...

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10 Things You Never Knew Could Be Recycled


Bottles, cans, newspapers – they are obvious recyclables that most people separate out into a blue bin. Recycling is one small thing we do for mankind on a daily basis, but there’s a good chance you aren’t recycling all you can. If you want to up your recycling game look beyond the standard items and start separating out these lesser-known ...

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Why We Should Recycle Everything We Can


Recycling is a simple concept to understand. It’s also easy to understand why a sustainable world won’t happen without every person doing their part. The person who drank from the plastic bottle or uncovered the candy wrapper must take responsibility for their purchase and properly dispose of the waste material. Moreover, it doesn’t take that much effort to direct the ...

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How Cloud Computing is Helping Companies in Staying Green

companies in staying green

Cloud computing has the power to save any sized or aged business and making it stay green and flourish more. It also aids in saving money and also helps businesses in streamlining operations without it having to build an IT infrastructure. When so much of this burden is taken off the shoulders from any business owner, they are able to ...

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How Would You Like To Get Paid To Save Energy?

Are you in California, and looking for a little extra income every year? This may be the answer to your prayers. To understand how you could potentially earn money for saving energy, you need to understand how the national grid charges you for your energy. The average household typically consumes a certain amount of energy every week. Now, power plants ...

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Benefits of Using an Electric Tricycle

People are always looking for ways to spend time outside, and there are few better ways than by riding a bike. Unfortunately, not everyone has the strength or stamina to go on a complete bike ride or they choose not to ride one to work due to sweating and exhaustion. A relatively new method of modern transportation is electric bicycles ...

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Eco-friendly Travel: How will People Get Around in the Future?

Over the course of the last decade, we have become increasingly preoccupied with the state of the natural environment. This is thanks primarily to the impact of the digital age and the ever-expanding Internet, which have inspired a thirst of knowledge and provided the resources to satisfy this. This in turn has encouraged leading brands to follow suit and embrace ...

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4 Apps to Make You Greener

Many of us would like to make our lives a bit greener – but aren’t sure exactly what we should be doing. Others of us might be so busy that we simply forget to put our good intentions into action. If you fall into either of these categories, these apps could be for you. They’re designed to take the headache ...

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How To Reduce Waste, Increase Efficiency, And Boost Profits In Manufacture

How do you make the most of your resources in manufacturing? Efficiency is necessary for profitability.You do it by reducing waste and by using special equipment to advance your product. Reducing waste and improving efficiency are actually two different manufacturing agendas. But if worked on together, they create a powerful combination. This synergy makes manufacturing easier and more cost effective. The way ...

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