How to Reduce Energy by Using LED Lights


When it comes to energy use, the type of lighting that you implement can make a drastic impact on the final cost. Fluorescent, halogen, and other lighting technologies can leave you with a painful bill at the end of the month. If you could cut your lighting costs by nearly 70% without much effort, would you? That’s exactly what switching to LED lighting can do for your business, work zone, or home.

Efficient Lighting Without Compromise

Why throw away your hard-earned money with each electric bill? LED lighting creates efficient lighting in all directions, and as a result, you can light up your home or office with less energy used and even fewer fixtures. LEDs are much more efficient than other forms of lighting because they transmit most of their energy as light, not heat (which will also save on cooling costs in the summer months).

LED Means Enhanced Durability and Decreased Maintenance

A typically incandescent light bulb might last up to 1,000 hours, while a fluorescent increases the lifespan up to around 10,000 hours. While that 10x jump may seem impressive, many LED lights are rated to last up to 100,000 hours. This results in significant savings on bulbs over the lifespan of your lights.

Even more critical is the maintenance costs you’ll save in a commercial setting. Instead of calling outside help every few months to replace your bulbs, you’ll rarely ever have to incur the costs. This makes LED lighting an incredible investment that will pay off time and time again.

LED’s Have Cost Efficient Features

Not only will you save time and money on LED lighting, but they also provide functionality that no other system can compare to. For instance, an HID or fluorescent light can require a few minutes to warm up and reach maximum output, but LED lights are at maximum brightness the moment you turn them on. This functions well with bright LED flood lights that are often used outdoors in conjunction with motion and daylight sensors. When you need instant light, LED is the only choice.

Other forms of lighting also suffer from what is called rapid cycling. This means that when they are switched on and off frequently, their already limited lifespan will shorten. LED lighting isn’t affected by rapid cycling and will maintain its lifespan regardless of the frequency of use.

LED Lights are Functional for Any Situation

Whether you’re lighting your office, or you’re tasked with lighting a parking garage, street lighting, a construction area, stadium, or any industrial or commercial environment, LEDs are the most cost-effective solution. Bright LED flood lighting is critical in locations where safety comes first.  The LED’s focused light ensures that all work areas are brightly lit, and the long-lasting bulbs will keep you up and running from start to finish.

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