Tips to Stay Greener and Spread the Vibe

Go Green

Sharing is caring! And if your care for your mother earth, you got to share all the greener way and means that you employ in your life. That is how you can pay your regards and respect to the mother earth. It is equally important for the generation of today to stay green and adopt ways and means to protect, conserve our environment. The sooner the sharing, the better is the quality and quantity of efforts. And then we can all live without burden of having done something wrong to our mother earth. So here are some tips to stay greener and spread the vibe. Read on to know more:

  1. Have a garden at your home: this tiny little step can contribute so much to make the earth maintain its temperature. Those little pots having few flowery plants could cheer up your mood. It also brings in few chirpy birds and makes the environment so good that you will the positivity all around. Few must haves are planting a neem tree, a tulsi plant and few flowery ones. This will surely get one to be happy always.
  2. Reuse, reduce and refuse: these are the three simple steps one can employ with whatever profession one is into. One can always reuse and inspire others too to reuse all the used products, if possible. Then you can also try to stop using products you don’t use in reality. Reduce the clutter in your house. And try to refuse certain things which wont have any effect while you will use your otherwise usable items. For example, the water you use to wash off your floor could be poured in the garden. Atleast a few percentage of it would be useful to the plants.
  3. Say no: Say no to plastic and wastage of water. Even if you try to follow these two strategies, mind me they will save a lot of water and plastic you would otherwise use. This would ideate you on how to use your olden clothes into making bags or something like that. Use utensils made up clay which come in beautiful colours, shapes and sizes.
  4. Regular checkups: this is one of those things which needs attention prior to any other thing. The regular checkup of your leaking taps all over your homes, has to happen to avoid liters of water wasted otherwise. Try to check them regularly to avoid water leakage and wastage.
  5. Earth week: celebrate a week dedicated to practise things which would save certain things for earth. Use public transport or your cycle for a week. You can eat for a day or two outside to prevent the excess usage of water in cooking. You could switch off lights at night and do all the work in the day’s time instead. You could buy eco-friendly papers and notebooks. There are a lot of such tricks, you just need to be observant and go creative. You can have car-pool to go to the office.

So staying green is not that difficult. It should involves conscious steps and once you follow, others will someday get to follow you too. This is a matter to engage as many people as you can. It just gets a little bit of awakening and confidence to lead the change.

Stay green and spread the vibe!

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