The Tech Gadgets That Will Help Keep A Lush Greenery In Your Home

Truoba home designers can help you construct your brand-new home and I can help you keep it airy, fresh, and alive, by giving you some ideas on how to add plants in it and keep them alive. 

Do you regularly buy plants in the hopes of creating a beautiful indoor garden, only to be disappointed? This is not how it has to go out. These tools could potentially rescue you and your plants. Yes, gardening is challenging. In addition to requiring an extraordinary amount of care, shortages of water, diseases, and pests have the power to wipe out all of your labors of love in horticulture in an instant.

Lately, I embarked on a discovery journey to see what smart devices were available that were suitable for gardeners and tech addicts alike.


This hydration stick acquires moisture and glows blue when wet, acting more like a wick. This easy-to-use tool lets you know if the soil is moist or dry. There are 3 different stick lengths, and you may keep it in your pot all the time. Although the wicks only last 6 to 9 months, it is typically worthwhile to give them a try because they are so inexpensive. 

Sunlight meter

One of the smartest home purchases you can make is a light meter. Online, you may get some for as little as $30 and others for as much as $200. They operate by determining the amount of light, which is perfect if you’re unsure whether your plant is in a high-or low-light environment.

Wi-Fi Plant Sensor 

Plant sensors will be the first category of equipment we examine. These gadgets are buried in the ground close to your plant, where they retain a careful check on the developing environment and provide you advice as necessary. You can monitor on your plant from everywhere because it measures moisture, light, and temperature and sends that information directly to the cloud through Wi-Fi.

Smart flowerpots

Smart flowerpots can take care of your needs if you don’t want to stress about sunlight or nutrients. It takes care of plant maintenance from seed to maturity and comes with light and fertilized soil. Although you are limited to using particular seed cartridges, it is a quick and effortless way to get plants to thrive.

Growing systems

Do you know about this system for growing herbs? Both affordable and pricey models are available to suit any price range. They assert that herbs grow five times more quickly in their systems, which include water pumps that flow nutrients and adjustable height grow lamps. The system contains timers that may be customized and has a beautiful LCD display. You must still purchase their personalized pre-packaged seed pods.

Bottom line

Many plant parents ask what kinds of gadgets they can get for themselves or their plant-loving pals. Well, the positive news is that there is no such thing as an inappropriate budget when it concerns houseplant devices. I hope you got some ideas from the gadget mentioned above and you will get some of them to help your plants thrive. 

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