How Would You Like To Get Paid To Save Energy?


Are you in California, and looking for a little extra income every year? This may be the answer to your prayers. To understand how you could potentially earn money for saving energy, you need to understand how the national grid charges you for your energy. The average household typically consumes a certain amount of energy every week. Now, power plants of the hydro and solar variety usually generate enough power to meet these demands. Every once in a while (about once a week), the demand for energy spikes by a large amount.

This is due to a variety of reasons, including people suddenly using a lot of appliances at one time, or due to a power plant falling below capacity. What the electrical grid does in this type of situation is to turn on a couple of older power plants to meet the consumption needs of the population. These plants are typically of the diesel or coal generation type and are incredibly expensive to run. This is why the grid would rather pay you a decent amount to save energy instead of paying a huge amount of taxpayers’ money to the plant itself.

How Can I Get On This Program?
OhmConnect is a free service that offers to pay you for your efforts in saving energy. The money comes from the national grid itself. They want to pay you for this because of the way they look at your consumption. When your home consumes less electricity than your average for the week, they don’t look at it like you have reduced your usage. Instead, they see it as you generating more electricity to add to the grid. To all intents and purposes, your home is a small power plant! All you have to do is talk to the company and get your home registered as part of the network.


How Does It Work?
It is actually really simple, and doesn’t even take much effort on your part. If you are in California, once you sign up with OhmConnect, you will get a text message or an email notifying you when the power needs of the state are too high for the power plant in that area to meet. At this time, you will probably be tasked with a mission of sorts: to turn off certain appliances for a duration of about one hour or so. This won’t hinder your day in any way. When the proof of your reduction in power consumption during that time is detected by OhmConnect, you receive points. These can be redeemed in the form of payments to your PayPal account. With the right measures, you could be earning as much as $500 a year for nothing, AND you would be reducing your utility bills as well.

If you aren’t in California, you don’t have to worry. A recent case taken up by the Supreme Court could very well lead to this type of power saving method being employed in the rest of the nation as well. You could be getting paid to save energy in no time at all.

Note: This post is sponsored by OhmConnect.

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