Benefits of Using an Electric Tricycle


People are always looking for ways to spend time outside, and there are few better ways than by riding a bike. Unfortunately, not everyone has the strength or stamina to go on a complete bike ride or they choose not to ride one to work due to sweating and exhaustion. A relatively new method of modern transportation is electric bicycles and electric tricycles. These battery powered kits connect right to your bike and can power your way up tough hills, or on long rides at speeds of 14-28 miles per hour!

The benefits are easy to see, as arriving to work fresh and relaxed or taking an afternoon ride can still get you some fresh air and sun. With the ability to select when the motor pushes you, getting the right amount of exercise is easy and fun! Parking also becomes a breeze and most riders in cities claim that their commute is shortened due to the ability to ride on sidewalks and bike trails.

There are tons of activities that open up to you once you have an electric bike. Normal errands such as picking up groceries or taking your child to school (with bike racks and trailers) become energizing ways to get outside. Even going on long exploring trips is less daunting because you don’t have to worry about not having the energy for the return trip – just turn on the motor and zip right home!

Even still, some have trouble riding on a bicycle due to coordination and core strength issues. This is where a traditional tricycle would come in handy, with its 3 wheel design, the need for balance and coordination is almost unneeded. Normally these tricycles can come with more attachments like baskets and trailers to make your commute more practical.

To get the best of both worlds, one of the newest products to hit the market is the electric tricycle. These combine the ease of using a tricycle with the effectiveness of an attached electric motor. Great candidates for an electric trike are senior citizens, rehabilitation patients, and errand runners with short to medium commutes. We have seen great reviews from delivery drivers as well such as paper boys or package carriers! The bottom line is that if you are looking for a safe, reliable method of riding a bicycle, an electric bike is for you. If you need the increased stability and carrying capacity, look into what electric trikes can do for you!

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