Eco-friendly Travel: How will People Get Around in the Future?


Over the course of the last decade, we have become increasingly preoccupied with the state of the natural environment. This is thanks primarily to the impact of the digital age and the ever-expanding Internet, which have inspired a thirst of knowledge and provided the resources to satisfy this. This in turn has encouraged leading brands to follow suit and embrace the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which forces them to adopt sustainable processes and materials wherever possible.

Transportation in the Future: How will we get around as Individuals?

As a result of this, many of today’s most viable and profitable innovations take the form of Eco-friendly products and solutions. These inventive products are gradually changing the way we live, especially with regards to transportation and how we get around on a daily basis. The development of the hybrid car was just the beginning, so here are other sustainable transportation methods that may gain credibility in the next decade: –

Self-drive Cars

The concept of self-drive cars is nothing new, as it has simply evolved from the premise of electric and battery powered vehicles already in use. Google started pioneering its own self-drive cars back in 2009, and despite some controversy concerning accidents this mode of transportation is undoubtedly one that will dominate the future. These vehicles are also set to be incredibly energy-efficient, as they will be battery powered, boast an electrical design and negate the risk of drivers using excess fuel when accelerating and decelerating. This would slash carbon emissions dramatically, and this innovation seems to offer the ideal balance between sustainability and user-friendliness.

Skates and Roller Blades

You may have to hear us out on this one, as while it may seem far-fetched roller blading remains one of the most viable and energy-efficient modes of transportation in the modern age. With an increasingly wide range of products on the market and intense brand competition, potential users are also able to select an option that best suits their innate sense of style. From a cult method of travelling to the consumer mainstream, roller blades are gradually emerging as a popular transportation option in polluted, metropolitan cities.

Bicycles and Cycling 

While London and other leading cities around the world have launched a number of initiatives to encourage cycling, few of these have been successful in changing the long-term outlook of commuters. This has largely been due to safety concerns, which is something that London Mayor Boris Johnson has strived to tackle by creating a costly network of routes designed specifically for cyclists. Local authorities have planned a staggering $1 billion investment in developing new cycle lanes, which will ensure that this method of travel becomes increasingly viable in the future. Additionally, The Money Advice Service can offer advice about the benefits of cycling.

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