IBM Supercomputer Crushes Human Competition

IBM's Watson Supercomputer, after three days if competition against two of the most successful contestants in the long history of the TV Quiz Show 'Jeopardy!', completely crushed his counterparts. Bow before your mechanical overlords now.

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Unevenly Distributed: Gadget Blogging, The Human Centipede

If I were to equate gadget blogging to some occupation in a slice of modern cinema, the film that most immediately comes to mind is The Human Centipede: First Segment. That 2010 parable, directed by Tom Six, focuses on the misadventures of three people who, through a wacky series of missteps, are each sewn... shall we say... input-to-output to one another. Gadget blogging, you see, is primarily an act of chain digestion.

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