The ‘Top 10 Most Pirated’ Movies Also Have Highest Box Office Earnings

You probably heard that Netflix recently published a list of the “Top Movie Rentals of All Time”. Well, in a response to that, BitTorrent has released its own list, showing the movies that are most frequently pirated. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), many of the most-pirated movies are also those that have earned the highest profits.

Avatar (#1 on the list) has been named the “highest grossing movie of all time” (surpassing Titanic), and The Dark Knight (#2 on the list) is one of only three movies to earn over $500 million in US box office figures. Transformers (#3) earned over $709 in box office figures worldwide.

So, what does this tell us? Maybe nothing. Piracy is still illegal, despite efforts of the Sweedish Pirate Party to change that. However, from these figures it could perhaps be surmised that the film studios aren’t exactly being financially ruined by piracy of their films.


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