The Reasons Why Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools

The main reason why infographics are so successful is that they transpose written data into a visual representation of the ideas that information contains. Visual data is absorbed much more quickly and easily, which leads to faster understanding. The majority of the population learns best through visual stimuli as shown in research undertaken into Individual learning styles, which is why ...

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Five Best Website Checking Software Sites

If you’re someone who’s working extensively online, and you’ll be looking to check the authenticity or originality of a website, it’s best that you consider software that automatically checks for these features. Below are five of the best websites for users looking to track website activity provided by online marketing agency in Vancouver. First there is Website-Watcher. The website has ...

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Reviewed: HideIPVPN


Watching television is boring and time-consuming. Not only do you have to schedule your day to catch up your favourite series, you are also forced to watch unnecessary adverts right in the midst of the show. You can make this a thing of the past by just going online and catching up on your favourite show on demand at your ...

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Santa’s Grotto – Google Style


It goes without saying that Google Maps changed almost everything, providing a wealth of information that’s made moving around the UK (not to mention finding local facilities) incredibly easy. But who says the tool can’t be fun as well? Renowned UK gardening and outdoor specialists Notcutts have taken the time to Google Map the most important of Christmas locations: Santa’s ...

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What Is Link Building?

Internet entrepreneurs will be quick to tell you that when it comes to traffic search engines are king. If you’ve ever done a search (and statistically, you have) you’ve noticed the countless website listings. Did you ever think about how those websites got to the positions they’re currently in or how valuable they are? Depending on the keyword, being in ...

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[email protected] Review

focus at will

Music plays a role in the lives of nearly every person alive on this earth. Grant it, everyone has different tastes and enjoys listening to various genres, as well as artists. Whether it is the radio while traveling in the car to and from work, soothing dinner music or some tunes to either relax with or rock out with; there ...

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HitTail Review: The Perfect Tool for Generating Long Tail Traffic

hittail review

For new bloggers who have a very vague idea of what long tail traffic is, HitTail might seem a bit overwhelming or difficult. Here’s what we think: It’s neither of those things. Long tail keywords are long and very specific keyword phrases that people use to fish out websites when they’re closer to the “point-of-purchase”. In other words, your site’s long tail ...

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Amcom: Amazon Web Services Gateway in Australia

amazon web services

Amazon Web Services Gateway Amazon Web Services (AWS) are hailed by some as the new wave in application design and information management. These web services provide clients with access to Amazon’s full network, and they provide simple building blocks that anyone can use to customize the right technological package they need. With high speed computing, a huge amount of storage ...

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