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Smartphone users are finally beginning to worry about their emails, as they should have been for years. Sending unsecured messages through your mobile, especially on open, public Wi-Fi connections, is one of the quickest way to make sure that your communications, data, and identity are compromised. High profile data breaches and headlines about cybercrime and industrial espionage have brought the highly-monitored nature of emails into many smartphone users’ minds and they’re responding by searching for better technological solutions that will keep their communications private.

BlackBerry PGP encryption is an increasingly popular option for security-conscious consumers as it remains one of the securest options for sending sensitive emails that include personal or financial information, business plans, or intellectual property. BlackBerry PGP encryption can help businesses satisfy federal privacy regulations and prevent data leaks that could see the information of thousands, if not millions, of customers reach criminal hands. It can also protect individuals and businesses from phishing attacks, as digital signatures allow recipients to authenticate the identity of the sender. Without PGP encryption, anytime you send an email, it’s sent out in plain text, meaning that anyone can read it if they gain access to it. Anyone using a free email like Gmail should know that their emails already pass through Google’s system (which is how they both collect keywords to find relevant ads and sort your spam from your real messages). Consumers want better protection and as a telecommunications retailer, you can start providing BlackBerry encryption.

To get started, you need to find a mobile encryption technology partner that’s a good fit for your business. A great partner is more than just an encryption technology provider, they are a partner committed to growing alongside your business. One vendor who works closely with global resellers to provide PGP encrypted BlackBerry devices to security-conscious consumers across the world is encryption company Myntex. When you sign up to become a reseller, you get their support:

  • First, you receive one-on-one sales coaching to learn how to explain and sell BlackBerry PGP encryption.
  • Second, they funnel customer referrals and leads generated online to their nearest local resellers.
  • Zero cost white labeling: You’ve built a rapport with your customers and they trust your name, so companies like Myntex make it easy for your to sell PGP encryption under your own brand.
  • Finally, they provide competitive wholesale prices and encourage you to pre-order SIM cards so that your customers don’t have to wait for shipping.

The key to successfully expanding your business is partnering with suppliers who are willing to work closely with you to provide your customers with a better service. That also means providing superior customer support, which Myntex offers to users around the clock for both technical support and security. If your customers lose their device, they should be able to call their encryption provider any time of day for a remote wipe, or, if they accidentally wipe their information, reactivate their device at no extra fee. BlackBerry PGP encryption customers are concerned about their messages being monitored, whether it’s by their employer or cyber criminals. They want to use PGP encryption and digital signatures to protect themselves and their businesses, and you’re in a position to equip them with the right tools. Partner with the right supplier when you expand into BlackBerry PGP encryption and satisfy the needs of your most security-conscious customers.

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