Check out this 5 Simple Steps to Check What WordPress Theme is a Website Using

With the changes these days, we tend to like more what’s new, fresh, innovative and that is a normal thing. In web design, new things are the best way to express your personality, to express the way you see the things and therefore, to have the most intuitive design, whether you like more a flat design or you enjoy more realism features.

New chances every day

Every day we are looking for chances to develop our imagination, to surprise ourselves and try to make the best of what we have. The more we look for ideas, for inspiration, the more we will want to be the best and to have the greatest ideas.

WordPress is an open source platform that gives you the freedom to express yourself, to develop great ideas and to apply them to your own website. Either we are talking about a personal blog where we can write our stories, a personal portfolio of photos or others works of art, a StartUp or a small business, a website represents you and your people and helps you put your words into something unique. The services you offer, your quick contact information, the best photos, all of these can be written in the website of your dreams.

It’s not a bad thing that we want what is new for our website and it’s not a bad thing that we look at our competitors to see what they are using and to see what is the best way to transpose some ideas on the page.

The WordPress themes you like

We are sure that you know that feeling where you get to see something and the first thing you say is “I want that, too!”. That is happening a lot if you are looking for a WordPress theme. You’ve seen it and you like it, but how do you know what theme is that and where you can get it from? We are here to help you, with just 5 simple and quick steps, to find out what WordPress theme is a website using at that moment.

  1. Baby steps

The first thing that we will do is to open the browser that we use and access the website of interest. That one was easy, right? Let’s move to the next step.



  1. URL Adress

On the top of the browser, you will see an address that you’ll have to copy. Right-click on the mouse and select Copy or use the Ctrl + C command from your own keyboard. Now you have the website’s URL.


  1. Open a new tab


From your browser, use the Ctrl + T command to open a new tab and let’s access the website: WhoIsWP. This is the tool we need to analyze our interest website.

  1. Hit Enter and let’s do the work!



After you hit Enter, on the home page will appear a big Search. That is the feature that we need. In that place, you will have to paste the address that you’ve copied. For this, you can either right-click on that and hit Paste or use the Ctrl + V command from the keyboard.

  1. You are almost there



Press the “Search” button and on the page will appear all the information that you need. To be no doubts, if the website that you want to analyze is not on WordPress, a notice will appear.

That’s it! Use all the information that you need, build yourself a new website and don’t forget to have a lot of fun doing it.

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