Use Your Gadgetry (& Smart DNS Proxy) so You Can Play Wherever You Go


Let’s face it: the 21st Century has some pretty cool toys to live the life we enjoy. As grown-ups, we call our toys ‘gadgets’ but still – they are the devices we use to make our life easier and more enjoyable, and in many cases they keep us entertained as well.

Just think about the fact that even 30 years ago, the thought of watching a movie from a handheld phone wasn’t a possibility. Today, however, we can stream our favorite shows and videos to virtually any device in virtually any country of the world.

Are There Limitations to What Can be Streamed?

Depending on the device you have and the service you’re using, there can be limitations to what you can ultimately access. This problem arises for a couple of reasons.

  1. Blocking: If the service you pay for blocks access to the streamed entertainment you want, this could prove a problem. You will then need a way to unblock those services and have full access, such as with a technology known as Smart DNS Proxy. This technology bridges the gap between what you the customer want and what the provider is unable to provide – effectively unblocking and opening doors for your entertainment!
  2. Out of the Area: A good example of out of area service problems is HBO. A lot of people like watching movies on HBO but have in the past found it impossible to access those shows anywhere but in the U.S. Fortunately, HBO can now be accessed outside of the U.S.A. – solving the problem for those of you who can’t go without your Game of Thrones fix!
  3. Wrong Device: Some streaming services have a limited list of what devices it is compatible with. Whenever you purchase a service, be sure that what you own will work with what you are using.

Which Devices Work with Smart DNS Proxy?

When you are considering ways to unblock the restricted streaming services you really can’t live without, it’s important to know the list of devices and consoles that work with this technology. Fortunately, it is a fairly comprehensive list that just might have you covered.

Smart DNS Proxy can be used on such devices as:

  • Computers (like Chromebook, Mac OS X, Windows 7, 8 and 10, and more)
  • Android phones
  • iOS (like iPad, iPod, and iPhone)
  • Televisions (like Sony, Toshiba, Samsung and more)
  • Set-top Boxes (like Roku, Boxee Box, Amazon Kindle Fire TV and others)
  • Consoles (like Playstation, Xbox, and the Wii)


Accessing the shows you love doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. Fortunately, the Smart DNS Proxy allows you to watch your favorite shows from anywhere, all on your favorite device. Just remember to share your gadgetry toys with the other kids who want to watch, too.

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