4 Great Gadgets To Make Your Groupmates Envy


Students dream of the gadgets and devices that can make their lives easier and can save some precious time. Who has never dreamed of a fast essay order or a cool smartphone?Everybody has. However, nowadays most of the students have iPhones, thin laptops and black-and-white e-book therefore there is a high interest in the technique that is less mainstream.

Here is a list of Top 4 tech that can make your groupmates envy you:


This gadget is an amazing one! If you have an illegible handwriting, then this item is definitely for you.

During the lectures you have to write on the special paper and record the voice of a lecturer with your mobile phone or a microphone on a tablet. Later, when you want to read your notes but you cannot understand what is written, you can simply touch the smartpen to a scribble to hear what was said on the lesson/lecture. Moreover, consider downloading the Livescribe app to save your writing onscreen.


Do you often find out that your phone dies when you need it most? If yes, then you need to buy a good portable battery charger. However, look at this unique power cell that has a wall charger built inside therefore is able to charge not only your smartphone but also itself. You just have to plug a cable into your phone and you will be amazed how fast (and how many times over) it can charge it!

3. Cambridge Audio G2 Mini Bluetooth speaker (£79.95)

This speaker is expensive but it is worth the money spent! Perfect quality of audio, powerful system and a light weight…What speaker can be better? Moreover, you do not have to tangle up in the numerous cables because this speaker is a Bluetooth one and therefore is wireless.

4. Tile (£15)

Students often go from a place to a place each day. In the morning you are in a library, a couple of hours later you are sitting on the lectures and you hang out with your friends in the evening. Thus, some of your items may be lost. Keep track of them using Tile – a Bluetooth-enabled tracking device that should be synchronized with the smartphone app. Hook Tile on a key ring or stuck to your smartphone/laptop and see the last place where your items were. However, you will have to replace the batteries of Tile each year.

All in all, the gadgets discussed in this article can make you happy and, moreover, can simplify your life. We live in the era of globalization, thus we should enjoy a variety of tech and tools offered! In addition, you may be interested in another article about 5 useful gadgets for a student’s life.Broaden your knowledge and be in trend!

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