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Smartphones are fast outsmarting the people, with their huge range of capabilities. However, they come with their own limitations; be it battery life, camera, or weak speakers, they are always there and there is no perfect smartphone. Well, these problems can be easily solved using the cool gadgets and accessories available to help you get the best out of your smartphone. Let us have a look at a list of the accessories that might be absolutely essential to make you smartphone “smarter”!

Portable Power Bank

Smartphones are constantly bugged by the short battery life in their phones. The ability of multitasking in smartphones comes at the expense of the battery life. However, now you can charge your smartphone anywhere at your convenience, just by the simple use of a power bank. It is an emergency power source that can be used to recharge your phone. Always opt for a power bank which has the battery size either equal to or greater than the battery size of your phone. This will make sure that your phone gets fully charged because these aren’t hundred percent efficient. It is recommended to buy a 5200mAh or 10400mAh battery charger.

Smartphone Selfie Pole

The younger generations is surely addicted to selfies! So obviously there’s nothing cooler than a Selfie Pole or Selfie Stick, which is appreciated and adored by the youngsters. Famous bloggers and YouTubers use selfie sticks to shoot their videos. Apart from videos, these can be used to take mind-blowing group pictures, fitting more people into the frame, and create memories you would cherish forever.
Selfie Poles are simply a stick used to take awesome photos and videos, and pretty convenient when you have a large phone or a large group, and cheap as well!

Headphone Organizer

Headphones have become quite an integral part of our life. Be it for music or for answering calls, we always carry them with us. However, the messed up cords are always a headache. This frustration can be taken care of pretty easily; just use headphone organizers! This cool accessory helps you manage the chords with considerable ease.

Olloclip 4-in-1 photo lens for iPhone

Although there are lots of lenses available out there in the market, The Olloclip is the best camera lens for iPhone. Consisting of 2 Macro lenses, fisheye and Wide-angle lenses, the package is pretty small but extremely convenient. Moreover, it connects lightning fast to your iPhone to capture the image you exactly want. The best part about these lenses in that they deliver clearer images with less lens distortion.

Belkin WeMo Switch

How cool would it be if you could control various electronic devices right from you iOS or Android smartphone? Well, it is a reality now! The Belkin WeMo switch allows you to remotely turn off and on devices using your smartphone just by pressing a button.
Moreover, since it works via the internet you can control your devices even when you aren’t home!

Ultimately, it depends on you. Choose the best accessory and choose wisely!

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