How To Tell If Someone’s Phone Is Off Or Dead

Are you trying to call someone for a long time and you are not able to reach them? It may be for the reason that their phone may be dead, or runned out of battery. You want to discuss something important with them and you don’t want to miss reaching out to them. 

Are you trying to figure out if someone is not reachable or trying to ignore you or have blocked you? How can you figure out if someone’s phone is switched off or the phone is dead?

In this article, we will look into all the possibilities to check whether the phone is turned off or dead. But you are requested to troubleshoot the steps one at a time.

Cracking the Code:

Before we start, let’s make sure we both are on the same page about the phone being “off,” There may be two possibilities: One, that the owner of the phone has intentionally powered it down by hitting the power off button. Second, the phone is dead and out of service and needs to be energized.

How can you tell if someone has switched their phone off?

Try Calling the Number

The first and foremost method is to try calling the person’s number and check. If the phone is switched off or if the person is not receiving the call , you will hear saying that the call cannot be completed. This is an indicator that the phone is turned off or dead.

Send an iMessage or text message.

Send an iMessage or text message


Another method to try without calling the person is by sending iMessage or Google Message. The approach works only if the read receipts service in your phone is turned on. Even if the other person doesn’t turn on his read receipts. This won’t work for traditional SMS. 

Try sending a message to the person . If a message shows as delivered, it means that the recipient has successfully received and downloaded the message. Even in case, the phone may be in do not disturb mode and connected to a cellular network and you will receive a delivery message for the same.

If the phone is switched off, the message will be sent but not delivered and you will receive an undelivered message in android phone.For iPhone users, the message bubbles turn green and would normally be blue.

Check the time the durations it will take for text messages to send between both the phones. Hope you are familiar with the time usually taken to deliver the message. If the sending time is longer than the usual time for the message to be sent, then it is clear that their phone is not receiving any service. 

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Straight to voicemail

The call you are making is not ringing for some time and directly going to voicemail means it’s a clear indication that their phone is off or dead. However some phone rings for sometime before going to voicemail, which means that their phone is active and not dead.

Try calling from a different number

There are chances that your phone may have network issues and prevent you from contacting the other person.

If the above methods haven’t worked. Once, try calling from a different phone. It may be your friend’s, family or any other person’s phone and check.

Use the *67 Trick

Use the *67 Trick


If you think something is blocking your phone from ringing. You can use the *67 tricks. The trick works for both android and iphone phones and it masks the caller id. Even though the contact number has been saved by the other person they will not get to know that it’s you calling them. 

Simply type *67 before typing their phone number. Then, place the call. Note: you need to manually type the number *67 and phone numbers together.

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Check they’re active on social media

Another method is to see if they have recently been active in any of their social media accounts. Such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. You can check their last activity or last seen, just to know whether they were last on their phone. 

If they are recently or currently online that means their phone is turned on. 

Utilize location sharing application/find myiPhone

Try looking for their location, in case they have shared previously with you. This method is not applicable to all. It only works only when they have shared location with you. Chances are, If they have a shared location then it will not only show their phone’s last location, but also shows the last time the location was updated. If the location is not updated for a while means the phone is not turned on. 

Call their family or friends

The last option left is to call their family members or their contacts. They will have a better idea of what’s happening with the person. Whether he is available or not will be cleared.

There may be other technicalities that you cannot contact the other person.  It’s not only in case if the phone is dead but the other person may not be in reach to take up the call. Some of the possibilities are stated below:

  1. If the person’s phone is switched off, try calling them after some time. As you know the person better, he may be available after some time. 
  2. If the other person’s phone is having technical issues from the service provider and has been disconnected. There may be a signal issue in where they are.
  3. If you are more familiar with the person, you will better know that if they often switch his phone to “Do not Disturb” Mode. 
  4. If you think the person is avoiding you then you may try calling them from a different number other than your number.
  5. If you think the person has blocked your number, the moment you place the call you will hear a busy tone. Hence try calling them from different numbers and if the phone rings then it’s clear that you have been blocked.

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I have covered the possible ways to identify whether the phone is dead or off. Some methods are more reliable. I suggest taking each step one after the other and at some point you might get to know the other person’s phone status and hope you will get in touch with the person you are trying to reach out to.

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