5 Risks of Using YoWhatsApp on your Android Phone

Can’t stop raving about the exciting features YoWhatsApp has to offer?

YoWhatsApp is a modified version of the popular WhatsApp messaging and calling app. Users wanting supplementary features like Anti ban, App lock, Anonymous messaging, Media sharing up to 700MB and Recording audio without manual intervention download the APK of this app and install it on their Android phones.


As it is not supported by the Google Play Store, installing this app can get you into all kinds of trouble. This is what this post is about. It’s great to enjoy paid features for free. But it comes with a security risk. So, use it with caution.

Here are the 5 risks of using YoWhatsApp on your Android phone.

1. YoWhatsApp can install malware on your phone

There are thousands of reports each month from naive people who installed an unauthorized app on their phone and got vital information like credit card number, internet banking password, etc stolen by hackers. Do you want to be their next victim?

Authors of such unauthorized apps can install malware on your phone with an intent to damage your device or steal data from your phone. Installing malware is a piece of cake for an experienced hacker. Why take a risk?

2. The updates are not checked for viruses

Even if you somehow find YoWhatsApp on the Google Play Store, how are going to update the app? Without updates, the app begins to malfunction. Currently, YoWhatsApp is unsupported; Google does not allow updating. So, to update YoWhatsApp, you will have to visit shady third party websites and pray that you downloaded the right version.

3. Your chat history not entirely secured

YoWhatsApp claims to use the same server as that of the original WhatsApp. Even if this is true and the creator of YoWhatsApp is to be trusted, there is no guarantee that a filter is extracting all the information you send and receive from the server. A hacker can easily retrieve your chat history without you or the creator of YoWhatsApp having a clue about it.

4. You can get temporarily banned from using WhatsApp

According to a report from BusinessToday, the authorities at WhatsApp have decided to ban all the users using fake third-party apps like YoWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. One a user is banned, they will have to use for an unspecified duration until their ban is lifted.

5. The developer can install adware

Adware is a software that automatically displays ad banners or pop-ups when a user is online. The developer of a third party unsupported app can show ads on their application. Ads are both vexatious and also a threat to your security. You most certainly will accidentally click on them. You never know what kind of a website the ad will take you to.


WhatsApp is currently banning all such third-party apps as they are not only impeding their business but also toying with your security. By installing such an unsupported app on their phone, the user gets to save a couple of dollars. But is it worth sharing your vital information with a potential hacker? For you, there are plenty of ways to make money. Do not risk your security to save a few bucks.

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