5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Smartphone

So you got a brand new smartphone as a present, and you are perhaps wondering, what’s the new stuff all about? Yes, you can make calls, surf the internet, check email, click some photographs, and listen to music.

Umm, is that all?

Do not be confused. Your smartphone is not intelligent enough to brew your morning coffee just yet.

However, mobile technology just keeps improving, allowing us to do many things – from gambling on your smartphone to starting your car.

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Smartphone

OK, let us cut to the chase.

Here is a list of things you did not know you could do with your new smartphone.

  1. Check Your Pulse

Gone are the days when you used to rush to the GP’s clinic to get your pulse examined. With your smartphone, checking your pulse is now a breeze. There are a few pretty impressive apps on the Play Store or the App Store that could actually prompt you to see your doctor if your pulse is irregular. Go ahead and download free apps like Runtastic Heart Rate, Blue Heart Rate, Digifit- check your pulse whenever you feel bored.

  1. Scanning

Your smartphone could do a lot more things than you think. You do not have to load your wallet anymore with receipts and expense reports. Think about using one of those free scanning apps, like Genius Scan or Tiny Scan, and take an instant photograph of your bill right on the spot. This certainly works a lot better than the phone camera, because these apps are designed to let you crop and record images in grayscale and black and white, and give you a much more legible record of your receipt.

  1. Selfie Mode

Those of you who are vain about your clothes do not have to take a mirror with you anymore. Open the camera app on your smartphone, change the setting to front facing or selfie mode, and there you are. You can check yourself out. If you are obsessed with taking selfie images, you could go for it.

  1. Dictate Your Way to Send Email

Searching and pecking for alphabets on a touchscreen is certainly a lot harder than using a simple keyboard. Don’t fret. We have got a better idea- dictate those letters instead.

To dictate on your smartphone, just look for the microphone icon on your keyboard, which is mostly seen on the corner (bottom left) of your smartphone. Tap on it, and start speaking into your microphone. Voila.

You may not get it right on the very first try. So you might have to step in afterwards and add or delete a few letters- basically cleaning punctuation and adding capital letters to certain words.

So, try doing it the easy way- speak slowly and clearly, and read out your punctuation loud.

For example:

“Hello Gearfuse readers, COMMA, thanks for your continuous support PERIOD, NEW PARAGRAPH. Keep reading.”

  1. Apps that Count Calories

Probably, you have been overeating for a few days now. You badly want to get back into shape, and do not have even the slightest clue of where to start and how to monitor your progress. Both Android and Apple devices have wonderful fitness tracking apps that automatically count the number of steps you have taken for the day, the distance traveled, the time and more importantly the amount of calories burned. As I write this, I have done nearly 4000 steps this morning. I would like to get to the 5000 mark, and so I am going to get up and start walking.

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