Braille Tattoos Allow The Blind to Feel the Ink


We’ve seen some truly unique body mods and tattooing. Everything from watch and glasses implants to tattoos showing off our favorite obsessions. These Braille Tattoos don’t disappoint.

Implanted under the skin are braille-shaped spheres which allow the blind braille reader to read the words of your tat. I have no idea what the pictured braille tattoo says, but I’d love to know. Any of you know braille or feel like decoding the message?

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  1. I decoded it although it wasn’t much work. After the first two lines I googled it and just checked for accuracy.

    Here it goes, the lyrics for Bachelorette by Bj�rk (part of them, at least).

    i’m a fountain of blood
    in the shape of a girl
    you’re the bird of the brim
    hypnotised by the whirl
    drink me make me feel real
    wet your beak in the stream
    game we’re playing is life
    love is a two way dream
    leave me now return tonight
    tide will show you the way
    if you forget my name
    you will go astray
    like a killer whale
    trapped in a bay
    i’m a path of cinders
    burning under your feet
    you’re the one who walks me
    i’m your one way street
    i’m a whisper in water
    secret for you to hear
    you’re the one who grows distant

    this is as much as can be seen, it probably continues 🙂

    Have fun!

  2. Why wouldn’t you contractionate it?! Ouchy ouch ouch! Braille contractions would have reduced the size of this paragraph by 50%, and most literate blind people hate uncontractionated Braille anyways. It takes forever to read.

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