Subdermal Implant Electric Watch Tattoo: Internal Geekery


We thought that the wristwatch piercing was pretty damn intense, but anything implanted completely under your skin has got to win in the extreme category. The Subdermal Implant Watch Tattoo, also called an “electric tattoo” is a special LED screen which is implanted under your skin.

Powered by your own kinetic energy, the electric tattoo watch illuminates when you turn your wrist towards your face. And since it’s powered by your own body movements, no batteries are necessary.


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  1. why not put it on top of your wrist parallel with your arm? you know, how you look down at a watch? haha!

    doesn’t look too real to me, but an interesting idea

  2. Yeah, that would make more sense, wouldn’t it Rob?

    As for the authenticity, yeah, I think it’s blatantly just a concept, but it could happen.

  3. What’s next? implanted pong watch? Tetris tramp stamp?

  4. I don’t see why not, redhat. (stop giving these crazy people ideas) i keed.

  5. I think Daylight Savings will give this watch a run for its money. New implant every 6 months, maybe?

  6. Callum, maybe there is someway to adjust the time remotely, or maybe it’s done automatically like a computer or cellphone? That would suck if you had to get the thing cut out every time it fell behind.

  7. The only problem I can see with it is ,
    if you went overseas with it on and keept looking at you wrist,
    you would never remember what time it is in the country you are staying in.

  8. Being a concept, Damo, I don’t see why this device wouldn’t have some sort of frequency / GPS function which automatically did that for you. If not, there could be a way to adjust the time remotely.

  9. what about daylight savings or if you move can you change the time on it..?

  10. where do I go to get this done?

  11. i dont think its just a concept if u look close u can see the 88:88 under his skin…he might be enjoying the fact that hes the only one with it right now and when he gets tired of that hell mass produce it and i can get one of these bad ass watches

  12. holy god that is amazing!

  13. What happens at day light savings time?
    do you get shocked if it gets wet?

  14. it’s fake….

  15. This is a real watch and yes it is a concept and at present a prototype being kept hush, hush. You change the time via computer/laptop (which should answer how you update/change the time) and since it is under your skin it is very much waterproof. If yous saw the entire picture and not a close up of his wrist you’ll see that he is infront of his laptop updating the time on his wrist. At the time of the picture it was a prototype and very handy… unfortunately it does not glow when you turn it towards you but working on that… a little complicated to get it to glow.

    One day electric tattoo will be on everyone interested in a tattoo… imagine having a tattoo that moves… the future of this technology is to animate tattoos.

  16. I’m a little tardy to the party, and I don’t have much to add beyond an endorsement. Anyway, that is how I wear my watch, upside down. I see no downsides, except maybe if it screws up and starts flashing 12:00 and there’s no laptop nearby so I can reset it. Or if I’m standing in line at the store and someone hacks it to display 80:08 (boob), and I’m stuck with that on my wrist all day…come to think of that, I suppose it could actually be distracting during a number of activities.

  17. It’s not a real watch at all, “a prototype kept hush” – do you think people are idiots??? LOL this photoshopped image has been around for years.

  18. I would, however, absolutely love one of these.

  19. i think i would like one. im srsly into tech and one-of-a-kind-gadgets. i think the concept is very nice and well thought. an implant watch powered by your nerves and the time adjusts itselves to satelite time. no mather in what zone you are. if this goes in production, i surtanly want one becouse it would be the only watch i never loose… *lol*

  20. My God, look at all that arm hair…

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