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Braille Tattoos Allow The Blind to Feel the Ink

We’ve seen some truly unique body mods and tattooing. Everything from watch and glasses implants to tattoos showing off our favorite obsessions. These Braille Tattoos don’t disappoint. Implanted under the skin are braille-shaped spheres which allow the blind braille reader to read the words of your tat. I have no idea what the pictured braille tattoo says, but I’d love ...

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Subdermal Implant Electric Watch Tattoo: Internal Geekery

We thought that the wristwatch piercing was pretty damn intense, but anything implanted completely under your skin has got to win in the extreme category. The Subdermal Implant Watch Tattoo, also called an “electric tattoo” is a special LED screen which is implanted under your skin. Powered by your own kinetic energy, the electric tattoo watch illuminates when you turn ...

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Orthopedic Technology Expands With RFID Implants

I manage to hurt myself multiple times throughout each given month, usually in places which are easy to fracture, such as the ankles or the wrists. Whether it’s due to clumsiness or completely accidental, the fact remains: I’m in pain. The good news is orthopedic firms are planning on using RFID implants to monitor a transplant’s performance while in use. ...

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