Orthopedic Technology Expands With RFID Implants

I manage to hurt myself multiple times throughout each given month, usually in places which are easy to fracture, such as the ankles or the wrists. Whether it’s due to clumsiness or completely accidental, the fact remains: I’m in pain. The good news is orthopedic firms are planning on using RFID implants to monitor a transplant’s performance while in use.

Orthopedic devices like a knee replacement must be calibrated to ensure correct functionality.� Surgeons need informational feedback when a patient returns for a follow-up after a procedure.� Sensors embedded in an implant could transmit that information to a computer allowing the surgeon to determine if the implant is performing to its full expectation.� Think of it as Scholastic’s Magical School Bus meets real life; identifying problems on the inside of the body while remaining outside of it.

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