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Under The Hood: 17-Inch Macbook Pro

Goddamn would you look at the size of this thing. Two gigantic fans that look like they belong on the latest GeForce card and a battery that can be used to fend off potential attackers. iFixIt, a company that regularly goes inside brand new Macs to get a closer look at them, cracked open a brand-spankin’ new 17-inch unibody Macbook ...

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The Roundabout Kensington Surge Protector

Whether you’re hosting a LAN party or you just have an ass load of video game consoles to power, there is one peripheral that is more important than all the rest: the surge protector. With the circular design of the SmartSockets Table Top, you’ll not only be safeguarding yours (and your LAN buddies’) electrical equipment with 1500 joules of protection, ...

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Orthopedic Technology Expands With RFID Implants

I manage to hurt myself multiple times throughout each given month, usually in places which are easy to fracture, such as the ankles or the wrists. Whether it’s due to clumsiness or completely accidental, the fact remains: I’m in pain. The good news is orthopedic firms are planning on using RFID implants to monitor a transplant’s performance while in use. ...

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