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Recreating The Earth’s Magnetic Field – On Earth

Scientists are always trying to replicate phenomenons here on earth. With the Large Hadron Collider attempting to test various theories and even replicate the big bang, you’d think scientists all over the world have their hands full. On the contrary, scientists at the University of Maryland have their own little maniacal tests to conduct. They’ve built a ten foot high, ...

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Orthopedic Technology Expands With RFID Implants

I manage to hurt myself multiple times throughout each given month, usually in places which are easy to fracture, such as the ankles or the wrists. Whether it’s due to clumsiness or completely accidental, the fact remains: I’m in pain. The good news is orthopedic firms are planning on using RFID implants to monitor a transplant’s performance while in use. ...

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A Dish Rack to Compliment the Couch

Sick of the typical, ugly dish rack that currently resides in your kitchen? Spice it up with the Dish Doctor from Magis. Designed by Marc Newson, this green bastard has dual utensil holders and a bunch of colorful pegs to hold your plates and dildos cups. Link (via)

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Cyborg Tales: Startup Using RFID Implants

Ever since some jackass got an RFID implant in his hand, every geek on the planet has been itching to get one. After all, if you could open your front door or turn on a CD player with the wave of your hand, wouldn’t you get the procedure done? Of course you would. Unless of course, the Mafia is going ...

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Thinklabs iPod Stethoscope brings popular tech to the doc’s office

Even though you probably already have a whole slew of iPod accessories floating around in your room, what is there for a doctor? Sure it would be nice for them if they could plug in and jam while diagnosing your problems, but that’s not too professional, is it? Luckly, Thinklabs has created an addon make just for doctors. The Thinklabs ...

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