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The reality behind virtual reality

Mobile Phone

Let’s go back ten years. The need to know about the world and to connect with everyone was strong, and hence came the cell phones. But human being is selfish and also never satisfied. Our minds kept wandering, trying to find a way to live in an alternate reality and hence came the virtual reality devices. For the first time ...

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Power Nerds: 16-port USB Hub

I talk a lot of shit on nerds needing this but I’m guilty as charged. The whole reason I’m posting this ridiculous hub of ports? Because I need one desperately. Sure, it has a selector for use with two computers but I need this for my desktop iMac G5. Why? I have about 5 devices that I use for music ...

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Nabaztag Reboot: The Mirror by Violet

Alright. Stick with me on this one. You crazy Europeans love to created weird names for products, like The Mirror by Violet. That being said, The Mirror’ is one of the neatest gadgets I’ve seen in a long time. Hook the $60 plate up to your Mac or PC and get ready to read some RFID tags. The set includes ...

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Update On Michael Arrington’s Internet Tablet

Oh gosh. I thought he’d given up on this with the economy and all. Guess not. He’s still working on that Internet tablet prototype that he came up with last summer. Now he has a new model called “Revision B” that is going to cost $299 or more. It’s ugly, it runs Ubuntu and weighs three fucking pounds. At this ...

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Open Peak: Intel-based VoIP and Entertainment

Hot damn! Believe it or not, the above display and handsets are for a new platform from Open Peak called Open Frame. It lets IP-based devices talk to each other over the network and acts as an entertainment hub. Built-in WiFi and Ethernet will let you check your calendar, YouTube, text messages, address book, email and more. All powered by ...

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Duracell Charger Is Good To Go

Portable devices are with you wherever you go. That’s exactly why Duracell wants to charge your phone or iPod. By powering handheld devices with its PowerSource Mini, Duracell can save you precious battery life so long as you charge via mini USB. Currently it comes in two forms: one for your iPod and the other to power your BlackBerry. This ...

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Orthopedic Technology Expands With RFID Implants

I manage to hurt myself multiple times throughout each given month, usually in places which are easy to fracture, such as the ankles or the wrists. Whether it’s due to clumsiness or completely accidental, the fact remains: I’m in pain. The good news is orthopedic firms are planning on using RFID implants to monitor a transplant’s performance while in use. ...

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