High Heeled Feet: Probably Possible Through Implants


I pretty much shat myself when I saw these High Heeled Feet, which I’m guessing is a photo manipulation of some sort by designer Julie Rap.

If one were so inclined to have fricken’ stilettos implanted into their heels, it probably could be done, no matter how freakishly painful it would be. I’d call them “Heel Heels.”

All I can say is “HOLY SHIT, OMFG !@$#%#$” Ahh, better.


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  1. JEEZ!
    I googled “heels” in images and this popped up
    I nearly had a heart attack! 😀

  2. I think they look very pretty, and very functional.

  3. how would she wear shoes? 😡 would she have to walk barefoot everywhere?

  4. how is she suposed to walk every where, and did she do that with surgery? 😮

  5. All she has to do is paint her feet and she is done with her heels. That would be very strange but her feet can match her outfits! 🙂

  6. Anyone heard of Photoshop?!!! It’s not real you dummies – it’s a digitally altered image.

  7. WTF??? How the heck does someone expect to walk anywhere with that being done?? I don’t get it!!!

  8. That is scary! When I saw that I went ”WHO the @#%$ would do such a thing like that!?But someone have to be stupid to do such a thing!

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