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Vintage Postcards Get a Taste of Science Fiction

There’s nothing that can’t be made more exciting by adding robots and aliens. That definitely includes boring, old vintage postcards. Flickr user Frano Brambilla uploaded a set of manipulated photos, featuring vintage post card scenes with a little added zesty flavor of sci-fi. There’s nearly 30 of these shots over at Flickr.

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High Heeled Feet: Probably Possible Through Implants

I pretty much shat myself when I saw these High Heeled Feet, which I’m guessing is a photo manipulation of some sort by designer Julie Rap. If one were so inclined to have fricken’ stilettos implanted into their heels, it probably could be done, no matter how freakishly painful it would be. I’d call them “Heel Heels.” All I can ...

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