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Mexican Sugar Skull Stormtrooper Ink Will Be My Next Tattoo

Those of you who have followed Gearfuse long enough know that I’m in the process of designing myself a geeky tattoo sleeve. I’ve already got Jedi Mario and a set of Mario Stars running up my arm, but I’ve been looking for the perfect addition. This Stormtrooper Sugar Skull tat might just be my next tattoo. I know, I know, ...

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Dude Gets Mario and Luigi Tattooed on Soles of Feet

The bottom of your feet are ultra-ticklish for a reason. They are very, very sensitive. So, I imagine this tattoo hurt a considerable amount. The soles of your feet have got to be a tender area. Regardless, this gaming geek was hardcore enough to have Mario and Luigi partaking in a round of fisticuffs, tattoo-style, on the bottom of their ...

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Braille Tattoos Allow The Blind to Feel the Ink

We’ve seen some truly unique body mods and tattooing. Everything from watch and glasses implants to tattoos showing off our favorite obsessions. These Braille Tattoos don’t disappoint. Implanted under the skin are braille-shaped spheres which allow the blind braille reader to read the words of your tat. I have no idea what the pictured braille tattoo says, but I’d love ...

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High Heeled Feet: Probably Possible Through Implants

I pretty much shat myself when I saw these High Heeled Feet, which I’m guessing is a photo manipulation of some sort by designer Julie Rap. If one were so inclined to have fricken’ stilettos implanted into their heels, it probably could be done, no matter how freakishly painful it would be. I’d call them “Heel Heels.” All I can ...

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Use Piercings and Tattoos to Create Bio-Mechanical Body Mods

Body modding is no longer the social taboo it once was. In fact, it seems body mods, at least on the less extreme side of the spectrum, such as nose and tongue piercings, are all together trendy. But what about combining piercings and tattoos to create one overall body mod art piece? Your body is your canvas, indeed. This awesome ...

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