Use Piercings and Tattoos to Create Bio-Mechanical Body Mods


Body modding is no longer the social taboo it once was. In fact, it seems body mods, at least on the less extreme side of the spectrum, such as nose and tongue piercings, are all together trendy. But what about combining piercings and tattoos to create one overall body mod art piece? Your body is your canvas, indeed.

This awesome body mod was accomplished using metal pieces which attach to the skin via piercings. The tribal style ink underneath adds a shadowy outline. The end result? An awesomely extreme body mod. It might not be suspension, but it’s a nice go between until your ready for the next step.



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  1. Luis Royo art from his illisrations looks beautiful….

  2. thats awesome but thats got to hurt

  3. I’m vary curious if those pierced pieces stay on the majority of the time; and if they cause any problems while she leans back or lays down.
    But beside the point, this is a vary amazing mix. I love it <3

  4. thats about the coolest body mod ive ever seen. amazing. incredibly sexy

  5. admiration…..

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